Specialty Dwelling Investor
Insurance Program

We deliver best-in-class insurance and risk programs for our clients with specialty dwelling insurance needs. Flexible and comprehensive coverage that protects your property regardless of tenancy or occupancy type.

Real World Example:

  • 3,700 square foot Luxury Cabin in Broken Bow, OK
  • Built in 2018
  • Building coverage valued at over $1.2 Million
  • $1,000,000 of liability coverage for the premises
  • $200,000 of coverage for furnishings
  • Lost rental income coverage

Total Annual Insurance Cost: $2,440


When you're a RiskWell Client,
you get a lot more than just a policy

Any insurance agent from Broken Bow to Lake Tahoe can sell you an insurance policy. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being a client of a company that is a legitimate expert for Real Estate Investors. RiskWell insures every kind of dwelling imaginable, from the tiny homes to the woodland castles.

Almost Any Single Family Property

We deliver solutions for virtually any age, value or location.

Your Policy Works How You Need It

Excellent coverage regardless if it's occupied by a guest, your family or your friends.

Only The Best Carriers

Every insurance company we represent is A-Rated or better.

One Star Review

RiskWell has been a great addition to our team

of strategic partners. I love the responsiveness and personal touch we get from them."

- Daniel F., full-time investor and lender

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