Should I get insurance on my wholetail property?

Every real estate deal walks a thin line from start to finish. Many things can happen to tank the deal, or kill the profits. I have hundreds of conversations a year with full-time professional real estate investors. One of the facts that I see repeatedly that amazes me is how many investors are skipping the insurance policy on their wholetail or “Deep clean and list” deals.

In the below video, I talk about some things to be aware of in your wholetail and quick turn deals. The good news is that the cost to benefit conversation is heavily tilted in your favor. Properly insuring a wholetail with our office will cost no more than a couple hundred bucks. On the other hand, failing to insure your property, even if you only own it for a few short days or weeks, could be disastrous.

Check out this video, and sound off below in the comments:

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