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From Captive, To Indy
To Market Domination

The only podcast in existence that helps insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive insurance world and create lasting success in the independent side of the industry.

Real World Advice And Solutions For Your Agency

We skip the fluffy, empty conversations and skip right to the good stuff. Authentic content that is immediately Actionable, delivered in a bold, Audacious style that cuts through the noise. Whether you're still in the captive agency world or you're looking to grow and improve your Indy shop, AFP brings you the tools, ideas and resources you need to fuel your Freedom Jump.

New Episodes Weekly

Set an alarm for Friday morning. It's AFP time.

Massive Value

We're not sharing just crumbs. We give you the whole cookie.

100% Free

No pitch. No upsell. No guru program. Just the best content, 100% free.

One Star Review

Bad. The Worst. Definitely do not recommend.

Anyone who listens to this podcast should be warned. These ideas are terrible and not effective. Everyone knows that you should work with a huge national carrier with a well known brand. Agency Freedom Podcast will be very bad for your career."

- Anonymous Captive Carrier Representative

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