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RiskWell is the most trusted risk management and insurance agency in the communities we serve. When you work with RiskWell, you're not simply buying an insurance product. You're hiring a world-class team of experts who take care of everything you need.

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Why RiskWell?

Nobody wants to buy insurance. Everybody wants to be well protected. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle and annoyance of getting a bunch of quotes and then trying to figure out which is the best option. Everybody wants to get great coverage AND a great price.

RiskWell is on a mission to advise and empower you to make great decisions about risk and insurance. We leverage our world-class expertise and advice for your benefit. We deliver a carefully curated program that is designed to deliver a great client experience now and an ideal outcome at claim time.

Our exclusive, proprietary Risk Well 360 program combines innovative solutions with expert support to give you maximum value.


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Client Endorsements

You can purchase an insurance product anywhere these days. Our full focus is on you having the best experience possible with EVERY RiskWell interaction...before, during and after you choose to do business with us.

The solution RiskWell gave us demonstrated their understanding of our business as well as educating me about some of the risks and costs that should be mitigated. They then gave me a recommendation for all of it. The process was fast, streamlined and perfect.

Woody Huffines

Business Owner, Technology

RiskWell is the best insurance provider I've ever used. James and his team are unbelievable. Streamlined, professional, friendly, honest, responsive and outstanding service.

Pace Morby

Real Estate Investor

When it comes to insurance there’s no one better than RiskWell. I have never found an agency that works harder to understand my needs and protect me on things I wasn’t even aware of.

Adam Buttorff

Business Owner, Roofing

Blog Entries & Announcements

5 Best Practices For Hiring Contractors

By James Jenkins | March 12, 2019

Whether you’re a consumer or real estate investor who needs to hire a contractor (general or for a specific trade), or you’re a contractor yourself who needs to hire a subcontractor to perform work on your behalf, utilizing good judgment and a little extra effort up front can go a long way to avoiding a major headache later. Here are 5 steps you can start using immediately to better protect yourself, your family and your operation. 1. Their Insurance Is Essential Only use an insured (and bonded, when necessary) contractor. It’s always possible to find someone who will do the…

specialty dwelling insurance McKinney TX

5 Rules Every Landlord Should Live By

By addyson | March 16, 2017

I’m pretty confident that if you asked anyone who has ever owned a rental property you would get an overwhelming response that it’s not as lucrative or easy as they thought it would be. In fact, owning a rental property can be a major pain, and end up costing you a ton of money! I certainly don’t mean to be a “Debbie Downer”, and I know that if it’s done right it can be lucrative, but from an insurance agent’s perspective, I don’t see a lot of people doing it right. So you’re probably thinking, “Well Chris, you are an…

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Experts serving experts. We focus all of our energy on delivering a best-in-class client experience to our current and future clients in the following categories:


Real Estate

Every Asset Class, Any Size Portfolio


Roofers &

Virtually Every Trade, Comprehensive Programs


Healthcare &

Practices, Clinics & Supporting Businesses


Technology &

Hardware, Software, Service, Repair & Consultants

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