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RiskWell is the most trusted risk management and insurance agency in the communities we serve. When you work with RiskWell, you're not simply buying an insurance product. You're hiring a world-class team of experts who take care of everything you need.

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Our team is on a mission to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. The insurance marketplace is more dynamic than ever before and you expect to be able to do business with your insurance partner on your own terms. We believe the client is best served when we combine innovative technology and memorable human interactions. Most people choose to do business with RiskWell because we deliver better advice and a more enjoyable client experience, not just because of low cost, quality coverage or the companies we represent.


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You can purchase an insurance product anywhere these days. Our full focus is on you having the best experience possible with EVERY RiskWell interaction...before, during and after you choose to do business with us.

The solution RiskWell gave us demonstrated their understanding of our business as well as educating me about some of the risks and costs that should be mitigated. They then gave me a recommendation for all of it. The process was fast, streamlined and perfect.

Woody Huffines

Business Owner, Technology

RiskWell is the best insurance provider I've ever used. James and his team are unbelievable. Streamlined, professional, friendly, honest, responsive and outstanding service.

Pace Morby

Real Estate Investor

When it comes to insurance there’s no one better than RiskWell. I have never found an agency that works harder to understand my needs and protect me on things I wasn’t even aware of.

Adam Buttorff

Business Owner, Roofing

Blog Entries & Announcements

contractors insurance McKinney TX

Should I get insurance on my wholetail property?

By James Jenkins | September 19, 2019

Every real estate deal walks a thin line from start to finish. Many things can happen to tank the deal, or kill the profits. I have hundreds of conversations a year with full-time professional real estate investors. One of the facts that I see repeatedly that amazes me is how many investors are skipping the insurance policy on their wholetail or “Deep clean and list” deals. In the below video, I talk about some things to be aware of in your wholetail and quick turn deals. The good news is that the cost to benefit conversation is heavily tilted in…

The Unintended Consequences Of Buying Insurance Online

By James Jenkins | September 11, 2019

I’ve heard it said that in any buying decision process, there are always three qualities you can choose from. Fast speed, low cost and high quality. Or, put another way: Fast, Cheap and Good. The challenge is that you only get to pick two of the three. The attraction of taking the fast and easy way out is strong. Buying online or calling the 1-800 number can seem like a great way to just check the box and move on about your life. However, there are a few points you may not have considered that we’ll briefly talk about now.…

Our new Client Service Center is now live!

By James Jenkins | July 23, 2019

You hate the back and forth email game. You like it even less when you’re emailing about your insurance program. To that end, we’re very excited to roll out our new Client Service Center. This is where all service and claims requests should be submitted moving forward. We have designed custom request forms for each type of policy that we deliver to businesses and people. Each form will ask you all of the relevant questions, so we can get your request reviewed and process as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a lack of communication, and having…

How To Avoid Major Headaches With Your Jewelry Insurance

By James Jenkins | May 20, 2019

3 Big Reasons To Avoid Insuring Jewelry On Your Homeowners Policy For anyone who’s ever purchased homeowner’s insurance, you’re probably familiar with one of the questions the agent or broker will usually ask you. “Do you have any jewelry or personal valuables?” Then they’ll recommend that you put those items on a Personal Articles Floater, sometimes called a “jewelry rider.” What you may not know, and what that agent or broker will likely never tell you is that there are some serious possible drawbacks to insuring your jewelry on your Homeowners Insurance policy. 1. You have to file a Homeowners…

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