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Our Proven Process

We call our process The JJA Difference because so many people in our industry treat the act of reviewing your insurance and risk management program like ordering from a fast food drive through window. They gather your basic information, and spit out a quote and call it a day. We work diligently to understand you, acting as your advisor and local expert. We then collaborate with our partners at more than 200 of the country’s best insurance companies, and get you the right coverage at the best available price.

Here’s exactly what you can expect when you work with the JJA team:

a. About you
b. About us
c. Define your priorities and preferences

*** At this point, we decide together if it makes sense to proceed and work on developing your proposal. We are careful to only work with businesses and families where an there's an obvious opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship. ***

Developing your solution
a. We shop the open market for you to find the right companies and options
b. We deliver no more than two options for you to consider
c. We make time to ensure you are empowered to make a well-informed decision

Adjustments and fine-tuning
a. We make any necessary changes, based on your feedback
b. If necessary, we secure additional options for you to consider
c. We deliver the final proposal, ensuring your 100% happiness with the details

Solution implementation
a. We put everything in place for you, helping with all of your documents
b. We help you break up with your old agent and company, and ensure a smooth
transition to your new and improved insurance program
c. We proactively update all third parties who need your new information (lienholders,
mortgagees, landlords, etc.)

Resource on-boarding
a. We introduce you to your new resources and support services, providing any tutorials or walkthroughs you want
b. We make sure you know exactly how to quickly and easily get what you need from your program

Check-in and ongoing service
a. About 30 days in to our new relationship, we’ll check in to make sure everything is going
b. Whenever you have a service request, we guarantee a personal response within one
business day (usually much faster than that)
c. Later on, we proactively check in to make sure that as your life and needs change, your
insurance program keeps up. We also keep an eye on the insurance market as a whole, and we proactively deliver alternatives to you if a big rate increase pops up.

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