The RiskWell Difference

What's the difference between a quote and a recommendation? Between a customer and a client? Between merely buying a policy and being well protected? Engage with us and find out for yourself.

"The only thing we have in common with our supposed competitors is that the insurance product they deliver vaguely resembles ours."

James Jenkins, Chief Risk Officer

Features of the RiskWell Difference:

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Our clients expect an experience that is fast, hassle-free and easy to navigate. We've invested significant revenue in building a platform that delivers the wow. Quick and easy online forms are available for everything from your initial quote request, to getting help on your existing program, to requesting advice on a potential claim.

You get a Client Portal accessible 24/7/365 where all of your program documents and resources live.

Our team isn't interested in appealing to the masses who typically have low or non-existent expectations for their risk and insurance program. Our focus is on winning over discerning clients with specific needs who appreciate a value-heavy relationship.

Our team is a nationally recognized specialist for real estate investors and three verticals of businesses: Skilled Contractors, Healthcare/Medical Offices and Technology/I.T.

Every member of our team is on mission. We believe that people and businesses deserve an elevated experience when it comes to their risk and insurance program.

Each individual on our team is licensed, highly trained and equipped to deliver the right advice and program coverage for our clients.

We're not selling products at RiskWell, we're solving problems and helping our clients win.

If all you're looking for is an insurance quote, and price is your main concern, we're probably not the shop for you. Our best clients look to RiskWell for professional advice, and value-add services for safety programs, compliance resources, HR help and a robust document library. Simply put, when you're with RiskWell, the insurance program is just one piece of our value offering to you.

Our proprietary system for delivering value to our clients throughout the calendar year, RiskWell 365 helps us give you everything you need to be well protected and actively engaged with your risk and insurance program.

From quarterly touch points for our business clients, to active communication on best practices in various areas for all clients, you'll never have to wait for your program's renewal window to hear from us.

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